Larry in Tanzania 2910


    Fine Art Photography by Larry Jordan

    “Birds and animals carry out their intricate responsibilities with elegance. My photographs put you in the middle of their lives so you can experience and see nature the way they do. When you were a kid, you had incredibly good vision and every new scene you saw left a lasting impression on you. My landscape images allow you to go back to those days of incredible vision and lasting impressions.”

    Larry Jordan

    Larry has produced winning images in competitions across the southeast, including the Orlando Camera Club where he has been both a judge and image critic. Four of Larry’s images were selected for a Smithsonian “Rivers and Rails” exhibit near Orlando in 2012. His work hangs on his clients’ walls from Maryland to Florida. Larry’s photographs have been published in nature magazines as well as travel company web sites.

    Larry is a forum moderator for the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). He also runs photo critiquing workshops and teaches photography when not running his own structural engineering company or out doing his own photo shoots.

    You can see some of Mr. Jordan's work printed on canvas at:

    Florida Artists Gallery
    8219 Orange Ave, Floral City, FL 34436

    Mr. Jordan's day job as President and Professional Engineer of Jordan Engineering, Inc. is seen at: